The way we do email marketing no longer works for today’s buyer.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing 3 New Email Bots

Make Your Emails Conversational.

Offer Bot
Increase engagement on your offers
Follow-Up Bot
Make sure 100% of your leads are touched
Re-Engage Bot
Uncover easy opportunities for your sales team
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Ways to Use It

Email Bots Help Marketers Too.

Make Your Emails Conversational.

Engage more buyers with email
engage more buyers with Siftrock email bot
Create a fastlane for your best leads
create a fastlane for your best leads with email
Email Bots work seamlessly alongside your marketing automation platform
engage more buyers with Siftrock email bot
Siftrock’s Email Bots have helped us automate engagement with our leads. We have sent approximately 4,200 emails and seen a conversion rate of roughly 5%; we’ve surfaced 16 high-value leads, and booked 9 meetings. Siftrock saves my sales team time and still helps them find opportunities.”
Jessi White
Manager of Marketing Ops, NAXEX Global
Siftrock customer - Naves Global
Siftrock customer - Nu Growth Solutions

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