In our first major product update of 2017, we rolled out several fresh ways to review your fresh leads. If you're using Siftrock, all of these features are available on your account today! If you're not a user yet, contact Katie to schedule a 10-minute product demo.

Without further ado, here's what's new in Siftrock and why we think you'll be excited.

Contact Lists & Export

You now have a simple way to review, explore, and export your contact lists generated from replies. There are two new contact list views in the Siftrock app:

1.) New contacts. New referral contacts that Siftrock found in your auto-replies.

2.) Existing contacts. Contacts that may have data updates or appends based on their reply, auto-responder, or soft bounce data that came from your campaigns.


The goal of these features was to support ad-hoc scenarios outside of your normal ongoing data sync. For example:

  • Create a curated contact list for your SDR team (e.g. only those with phone numbers).
  • Review the contacts NOT being synced to your MAP.
  • Analyze recent changed jobs in your database.
  • Report data quality or contact volume.
  • Import new contacts into a tailored audience advertising campaign.


Job Titles for New Contacts

Delivering the right message to the right persona helps close more deals. Of course, job titles are a key piece of targeting for any sales or marketing outreach. Siftrock has always helped you find more contacts on target accounts, but until recently, we weren't able to surface the titles for contacts we discover. We've added job title extraction to our core machine learning and natural language processing. You'll now start to see titles show up in your Siftrock data! And naturally, job title data can be added as a field in your workflows to ensure this information syncs to your marketing database.


Inbox Export

In sticking with our theme to enable ad-hoc analysis and action on your data, we've made some key enhancements to our inbox export. You can now export a list of replies, the subject lines, email body, and several related fields to give the message context.

This is provides quantitative and qualitative understanding of how people reply to your campaigns - how many replies are we getting, what words are used in replies, which subject lines generate responses?

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoy the new features in this release. This is just the beginning of several exciting new features we have planned for 2017. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on these updates and our broader roadmap. Please reach out to our team anytime, or just reply to our next email campaign :)

Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam is CEO and Co-Founder at Siftrock, data geek, golfer, and breakfast enthusiast. He is passionate about data, marketing, and creating simple solutions to big business problems.
Published Wednesday, January 11th 2017