Email is still the most cost-effective and impactful form of digital marketing. Now is the time for a new email marketing funnel that reflects the impact of reply mail intelligence and its importance in realizing the full value of traditional email marketing.

The classic funnel

At a high level this is what the traditional email marketing funnel looks like for most digital marketing teams.

The goal might be someone downloading a white paper, signing up for a free trial, or simply visiting your web site. Generally speaking, it's a new interaction we'd like to get from a potential customer.

Siftrock - Traditional email marketing funnel

The new funnel

Adding reply mail intelligence to the mix fundamentally changes the funnel and presents new opportunities to reach your goals.

Siftrock mines the valuable data from replies and feeds it back into your nurturing programs. In addition to new leads discovered Siftrock will also keep your lists clean, automatically eliminating dead email addresses and improving your email marketing metrics.

Real-time alerts for human replies can lead directly to your goal of creating that new interaction with a potential customer. Clicks are nice, but a human reply is gold! Siftrock alerts you in real-time when this key email marketing moment happens so you can take action immediately.

Siftrock - The new email marketing funnel


Marketing teams without reply mail intelligence are flying half blind, only partially measuring the results of their campaigns and missing a big part of the new funnel.

Leveraging Siftrock will ensure you are getting the most out of your email marketing efforts. It is 100% automated and will deliver high-value leads at a fraction of the cost of any other marketing channel we've ever seen.

Chris Hundley
Chris Hundley
Chris is CTO and Co-founder of Siftrock. He lives for product design, architecture and automation. When he's not writing code you can find him at a poker table or sipping on single-malt scotch.
Published Monday, December 14th 2015