The marketing technology landscape is daunting to say the least. Scott Brinkler's excellent work in this area is well known - in 2015 he categorized software from more than 1,876 vendors across 43 categories. We've reached a saturation point in the market yet more products continue to emerge on a daily basis.

Flavor of the week

It's clear from our discussions with customers that teams are overwhelmed and have a difficult time deciding where to spend their time. Prioritization is a nightmare. Most folks we've talked to have at least three or four different product evaluations perpetually underway.

This is the biggest challenge we face as one of the vendors fighting for attention. We believe Siftrock should be your #1 priority. But don't just take our word for it - here are five reasons worth considering:

#5 Siftrock is unlike anything you've seen before

There are more than 100 marketing automation products available today. The effort of baking off two platforms like Marketo and Eloqua can take months. How did you (or will you) decide on a social analytics product when there are almost 100 of those available?

With Siftrock the decision is easy. We are in a category of our own - Reply Mail Intelligence. We've re-defined the email marketing funnel and play an essential role for some of the best marketing teams in the world.

The new email marketing funnel by Siftrock

#4 Set it and forget it

You'll spend less than 4 hours setting up Siftrock. We integrate seamlessly into your existing email marketing process - you'll barely know we're there. That is until you see the thousands of new leads flowing into your nurture campaigns that didn't exist before.

Our passion is reducing your workload, not adding to it. Plug us in and never worry about that avalanche of replies to your marketing emails again - we've got it covered.

#3 Cost per lead

There are many of great reasons to add Siftrock to your playbook, not the least of which is new lead generation. We've crunched the numbers - our average customers pay less than 25 cents per lead! You've probably never had a no-brainer decision this easy when it comes to value.

Keep in mind these aren't just average leads - they are new contacts at companies you've already identified as targets. Nearly 30% of your marketing list will decay every year due to people changing jobs - can you afford to not know who their replacement is?

#2 No empty promises

The deluge of new products on the market, new gimmicks, and new ways of looking at the same old data has left a bad taste in your mouth. Few products truly deliver the lofty promises they claim.

We don't make empty promises, just assurance that you will never miss another opportunity to take advantage of the gold mine of data contained in replies to your campaigns. We have a 100% renewal rate - our customers become partners for life.

#1 Return on investment

We've been building products in the digital marketing space for over ten years and have never been as excited about a product delivering value of this magnitude across a variety of use cases for our customers. Here are just a few examples -

  • We generate thousands of new leads for less than twenty-five cents per lead. We've never seen a more cost-effective marketing channel.
  • Siftrock ensures you are talking to the right person - organizational insights will fuel your account-based marketing efforts.
  • Impress prospects with a superhuman ability to respond to their questions and comments in minutes or even seconds. For Siftrock customers this means one thing: more deals closing faster than ever before.
  • Get ahead of renewals and reduce customer churn by knowing when your buyer changes jobs, takes an extended leave of absence, or retires.
  • Eliminate the manual (and painful) effort your team is currently tortured with. Let's face it - sifting through replies for several hours is something nobody enjoys doing.
  • Keep your lists clean. Siftrock will help eliminate old/dead email addresses. This will give you a natural lift in your email marketing metrics.

We'd love a chance to show you

We value your time and forced ourselves to stop at five - but there are certainly more great reasons to make Siftrock your #1 priority.

Time investment compared to other initiatives is near zero. Couple that with virtually limitless upside and Siftrock a no-brainer addition to your email marketing mix.

If you'd like a demo, simply sign up for a free trial or reach out to us directly at

Chris Hundley
Chris Hundley
Chris is CTO and Co-founder of Siftrock. He lives for product design, architecture and automation. When he's not writing code you can find him at a poker table or sipping on single-malt scotch.
Published Wednesday, February 24th 2016