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alt In the lead up to INBOUND, conference goers are starting to ramp up the conversation on Twitter. I've found that looking at the pre-event chatter is a great way to build excitement and figure out what to expect at a big conference. I'm taking a particular interest since I'm heading to the event for my first time an I'm lucky enough to be presenting Siftrock at the startup pitch competition, along with 20K of my closest friends.

The conversation is just starting to ramp, but the early chatter is often a great leading indicator to set expectations. I took a quick look at the data and crunched ~12,900 Tweets in the growing build-up to INBOUND 2016. If you believe what you read on Twitter, here are 5 things to expect at #INBOUND16 this week...

1.) Sales and Marketing Will Collide at INBOUND... In a Good Way.

This is certainly a marketing conference, but sales is a big part of the conversation in 2016. Last week, we analyzed session titles and found the #1 keyword was "sales," showing up in 25% of titles. alt This is an exciting trend to see emerging as marketing and sales team partner more deeply through the entire funnel. The Tweets tell a similar story with #sales still the number 4 hashtag within #INBOUND16 conversation on Twitter.


2.) If You're Going #INBOUNDsolo, Join 600 Other (And Counting).

The hashtag #INBOUNDsolo has already been used 600+ times. It's clear that this isn't the first rodeo for the events team at Hubspot. The INBOUND team started this trend to encourage solo attendees to raise their hand and connect with others. It's too often that you go to a conference and only talk to the people you already know. Expect INBOUND to be all about building new connections and friends. It's already happening on Twitter, so why why not continue that trend in real life? On a personal note, this is the most exciting part of shlepping across the country for a couple days. I'm excited to pitch Siftrock on stage, but more excited to meet tons of new people and learn.

3.) 63 Countries Represented, INBOUND is Global.

Expect to see people at INBOUND from allover the world and a very wide coverage across US cities. Here's a look at the top countries:


And to peal back the onion on US activity, here's how it maps across US cities. alt

4.) Gifs and Emojis Everywhere

The logic is simple... INBOUND is a marketing conference --> Marketers are usually fun --> Gifs and emojis are always fun --> Expect to see a lot of Gifs and emojis flying around INBOUND. Here's one good example:

5.) Lots of Tweets to Follow

We looked at just under 13,000 tweets representing the build-up to INBOUND. This volume is just starting to ramp on a daily basis. You can see the trend here:


Activity will likely reach warp speed by the time Alec Baldwin takes the stage on Friday morning. Point being, there will be PLENTY of content coming from attendees, speakers, and everyone watching online. Be sure to follow the hashtag to keep track and we'll circle back for a post event analysis here.

Heading to inbound? Want to meet? Let us know:

Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam is CEO and Co-Founder at Siftrock, data geek, golfer, and breakfast enthusiast. He is passionate about data, marketing, and creating simple solutions to big business problems.
Published Monday, November 7th 2016