Siftrock converts your email replies into new leads and opportunities

Automatically find new contacts, expand target accounts, surface engagement opportunities, and improve list quality. It's integrated with your existing tools and is 100% automated behind the scenes.
Siftrock intelligently manages replies and synchronizes data to Marketing Automation platforms
Capture replies

Capture and organize every reply to your marketing campaigns, no manual labor required

B2B email marketers get flooded with 1000s of replies. Sorting through them manually sucks and ignoring them is worse. Siftrock works behind the scenes to automatically capture and organize every reply to your email marketing.
Mine leads and contacts

Mine new leads and contacts

Auto-replies like an Out of Office or Left Company message contain information about changes to your accounts and thousands of new contacts. Siftrock uses natural language processing and machine learning to automatically capture auto-replies and mine new leads from every message.
Route responses in real-time

Route responses to the right person on your team in real-time

When a prospect takes the time to respond to your email, don't miss the opportunity to start a real conversation. Siftrock intelligently routes human replies to your team based on the rules you determine, making your email marketing a two-way dialog.
Cleanse and enrich your lists

Intelligently cleanse and enrich your contact lists

B2B marketers have an average of 10% dead email accounts in their lists. More accurate email lists result in higher open and click rates. Siftrock identifies bad contacts, enhances contact records, and automatically updates your lists.
Sync leads with your marketing system

Automatically sync new contact data with your marketing systems

You shouldn't have to manage another tool or change the way you work. Siftrock works behind the scenes and seamlessly integrates new leads and enriched contact data into your existing systems.
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