Customer Stories and Testimonials from Top B2B Marketers

Siftrock customer - Payscale

"Payscale found 15x ROI and 11,500 valuable Marketo database updates by mining email replies with Siftrock." Read the case study

Nichole Marsano, Director of Demand Gen - Payscale
Nichole Marsano
Director of Demand Gen
Siftrock customer - Marketing Rockstar Guides

Marketo Champion sees valuable data in email replies and recommends Siftrock to "any marketing ops team." Read Josh's review

Josh Hill, Marketing Ops Leader, 5x Marketo Champion
Josh Hill
Marketing Ops Leader, 5x Marketo Champion
Siftrock customer - Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing is seeing 15% annualized database growth from Siftrock and says that "Every B2B marketer should use email replies to improve database quality." Read the case study

Brian Hansford, VP of B2B Demand Generation and Marketing Technology Practice
Brian Hansford
VP of B2B Demand Generation and Marketing Technology Practice
Siftrock customer - NGINX

"We always saw hundreds of replies coming back after each email send. We saw valuable data in replies, but didn't have a way to turn them into something actionable. Siftrock made it easy to open up this new data source and hook into our existing marketing process. We've been able to discover thousands of new contacts and improve our marketing automation experience thanks to Siftrock."

Peter Guagenti, CMO - NGINX
Peter Guagenti
Chief Marketing Officer
Siftrock customer - Avalara

"Prior to Siftrock, handling replies was a manual process for our team and we couldn't effectively leverage the data. With Siftrock, our reply management process is intelligent and fully automated. It's become a 'no-brainer' solution and our favorite Eloqua plug-in."

Jessica Davis - Marketing Operations Manager
Jessica Davis
Marketing Operations Manager
Siftrock customer - Simply Measured

"We were spending hours a week manually scouring replies to our campaigns for human responses. Siftrock has not only automated this process, but also captured tens of thousands of new leads for our marketing programs. It has become one of the main sources of quality leads for our business."

Uri Bar-Joseph, VP of Marketing - Simply Measured
Uri Bar-Joseph
Vice President of Marketing
Siftrock customer - NuGrowth

"With Siftrock, our clients are able to learn more about their database, gather automatically-generated net new leads, and ultimately communicate more effectively with their target audience. As an agency, we love the ability to automate elements of database maintenance and inbox monitoring."

Paul Fuller, President - NuGrowth Digital
Paul Fuller
President, NuGrowth Digital
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